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Effective  from the January 27th, 2011, directorate General of Seafarers of Panama Maritime  Authority, has declared that Panamanian Title Endorsement might solely be issued to a seafarers by submitting a legitimate Certificate of competency (COC) from  the  same  country of  the  seafarer’s nationality. Seafarers that submit a COC totally different from a rustic of that they're not nationals should approve the Assessment method (evaluation of the competence) so as to get a Panamanian COC.

En exception is created by the non-nationalities of the subsequent countries: USA, Canada Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, EU countries,  India, UAE, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Republic of Korea, Japan, Australia, New Seeland, state (in case of Russians), Singapore, Hong Kong.

Officers that gift a COC from a rustic that's not their position which doesn't seem within the on top of listed countries have to be compelled to pass assessment method, so as to get Panamanian Title.

Having a Panamanian COC is vital for mariners that wish to increase their job opportunities and alternatives. Having a Panamanian COC permits the person to figure in any Panamanian flagged vessel that widens their opportunities since over 500th of the world´s vessels are Panamanian flagged and also the variety is increasing.

Although there are many agencies for getting a PANAMA COC but PANAMA MARITIME DILIGENCE AGENCY is the authorized one. Here is their procedure for PANAMA COC.

In order to start with the assessment method and to judge the ability of the officers the subsequent documents should be submitted:

·  Copy of Certificates of ability, Seaman National License

·  Copy of valid passport 

·  Copy of ocean Service records

·  Copy of obtainable STCW 78/95/2010 Certificates

·  High resolution ID digital colours photos 3x3 cm.

·  Medical Certificate valid. Not older than 24 months

·  Copy of Payment to PMA. (Bank details are going to be sent once required).

After analysis of bestowed documents, method of assessment completed, confirmation from the administration of supplying and payment of relevant fees, certificate of ability (COC) and seaman’s book along with corresponding certificates for officers below the STCW Convention 1995/2010 are going to be issued.

Note: Please send all documentation by email to:

Digital format for documentation pdf. (Only jpg the ID photo).


Certificate of competence in conjunction with different supporting documents, showing proof of experiences (from 12 to 36 months) shall be submitted for revision, final verification and approval by the Administration.  

Approval can take up to at least one week and every one method ought to be completed between 6-8 weeks.


1. From Deck and Engine ratings to OOWN / OOWE

2. From OOWN to deck Officer and Chief Mate

3. From Chief Mate to Master

4. From OOWE to Second Engineer

5. From Second Engineer to first Engineer and Chief Engineer


II/2 – necessary minimum needs for certification of masters and chief mates on ships of 500 gross tonnage duty or a lot of

Master and chief mate on ships of 3,000 gross tonnage duty or more

1. each master and chief mate on a oceangoing ship of 3,000 gross tonnage duty or a lot of shall hold associate applicable certificate.

2. each candidate for certification shall:

.1. meet the wants for certification as a politician guilty of a direction watch on ships of 500 gross tonnage duty or a lot of and have approved oceangoing service in this capacity:

.1.1. for certification as chief mate, not but 12 months, and

.1.2. for certification as master, not but 36 months; but, this era could also be reduced to not but 24 months if not but 12 months of such oceangoing service has been served as chief mate; and

3. have completed approved coaching and meet the quality of competency per section A-II/2 of the STCW Code for masters and chief mates on ships of between 500 and 3,000 gross tonnage duty.

III/2 – necessary minimum needs for certification of chief engineer officers and second engineer officers on ships supercharged by main propulsion machinery of 3,000 kW propulsion power or a lot of

Chief Engineers and  Second Engineer officers on ships of 3,000 kW or a lot of

 1. meet the wants for certification as a politician guilty of associate engineering watch and:

.1.1. for certification as second engineer officer, shall haven't but 12 months’ approved oceangoing service as assistant engineer officer or engineer officer, and

.1.2. for certification as chief engineer officer, shall haven't but 36 months’ approved oceangoing service of that not but 12 months shall are served as associate engineer officer in an exceedingly position of responsibility whereas qualified to function second engineer officer; and

2. have completed approved education and coaching and meet the quality of competency per section A-III/2 of the STCW Code.



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