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Machine vibrates

  • Moderate vibrations normally occur at critical number of rev during the running-up at retardation periods
  • Bowl out of balance due
i.   None
ii.  Stop immediately and
     establish cause
iii. Badly tightened lock
     ring involves fatal
iv. Renew rubber washers 
v.  Reinforce foundation

Speed too high

I.  tachometer reading wrong
II. Wrong
III.The motor speed is not appropriate
· Check be means of rev counter
· Stop immediately. Check
  that proper transmissions
  or belt pulley is used in
  view of mortar speed
· Stop immediately and
  provide a motor with
  correct speed
Speed too low
·  Brake applied
·  Pads of clutch are
   worn or oily
·  Voltage drop in
·  Ball bearing
·  Other machine
·  Motor defects
· Release the brake
· 20exchange or clean all
· Check mains voltage 
· Locate and exchange
  defective bearing
· Stop immediately. Check
  that bowl can be rotated
  by hand
· Exchange or repair motor
Starting power too low
·   Ammeter reading wrong
·   Clutch pad worn or oily

  · See—speed is too low
Starting power too high
1) Ammeter reading wrong
2) Motor defect
30ballbearing damaged
4) Other machine defects

1) Exchanger repair motor
2) Locate and exchange defective bearing
See—speed is too low
Retardation time too long

1) Brake lining worn or oily
1) Exchange or clean lining
Water is worm gear housing
1) Condensation
2) Axial seals not tight or turned wrongly
3) Leakage via top bearing
1) Drain water
2) Exchange rings and turn correctly
3) Exchange seal ring and adjust axial seal
Noise from worm gear housing
1) Oil quality wrong
2) Worm wheel
3) Ball bearing worn or damaged.
1) Check quantity and quality
2) Exchange worn parts
3) Exchange bearing
Noise from clutch coupling
1) Normal when starting and stooping due to sliding of friction blocks
2) Wrong play between coupling pulley and elastic plate
3) Speed too low
1) none
2) Adjust
3) See—speed to low

1) Normal at start and stop when friction blocks are sliding thus causing bunt smell
2) V-belt or flat belt are sliding
3) Bearing running hot
4) Motor over heated
1) None
2) Clean belt adjust belt tension
3) Feel over machine and locate spot exchange bearing
4) Trace cause adjust over current relay, if any provided
‘Scrapping’ sound
Wrong height position
Stop and adjust


Satisfactory functioning cannot be ensured unless the parts in contact with liquid are carefully cleaned before assembly. This applies particularly to seal rings, sliding surfaces, guiding and contact surfaces, and threads. Also take care that no burrs are knocked up on the metal parts when handling them.


Each bowl constitutes a balanced unit which will get out of balance if any parts having an “*” added to their part number in the general drawing are exchanged without the bowl being rebalanced. To prevent confusion of the parts, for instance when a plant consists of several machines of the same type, these main parts are stamped either with the complete manufacturing number or its three last digits.


When assembling makes sure that the parts are placed in the position defined by the guides. Be careful not to damage the guides when handling the parts.


Check seal rings and packings for defects and make sure that the corresponding grooves and sealing surfaces are well cleaned.

After mounting check:
… that the ring lies properly (not twisted) in the groove.
… that it fills the groove evenly all around.


Check the lock ring threads and the pressure in the disc set at regular intervals.


Aggressive liquids as well as liquids containing very hard particles may cause corrosion and erosion damage. If rapidly growing or advanced damage is noticed, consult an ALFA-LAVAL/DE LAVAL representative.


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